Parade o' weirdness

Excuse me while I take a break from the Artfest love, so I can show you the random weirdness we encountered yesterday during our shopping trip to Costco.
The cell phone camera doesn't quite do justice to the eye-searing hue of this guy's windbreaker (for his sake, I assume this is a safety windbreaker). Believe it or not, I forgive him the go-to-hell pattern of his Hammer pants. He's old. They don't ride up on him. But the combination... Lord have mercy...

They came to Costco in this demure little putt-putt.
Yes, it's an H2 Hummer. With flags on every corner. Because toxic orange cars are so hard to pick out in the parking lot.

Oh, but the madness doesn't stop there. It stops at this house and the accompanying car.
We've seen this geodesic dome-style house before, and I like that it's such a throwback to the 70s. But I almost choked on my own spit when I saw the deLorean parked outside. All they need is the Back to the Future theme blaring from loudspeakers.