Why yes, it is, in fact, all about me.

Lots of fun in LK Ludwig's "This is Me" class. The above picture is printed on rice paper -- I still can't believe it turned out so well. I cut the paper down to 8.5x11 size, and set the "Properties" to "Other Specialty Papers." I also kept the other, regular papers in the printer to keep the rice paper closer to the feed part (does that make sense?) and held down the regular papers by hand while the rice paper fed through.

Basically, "This is Me" was an altered book class on self-portraiture. In the class materials, she asked us to print out pictures of ourselves on various types of paper, in various sizes. Here's one on photo paper that I painted with iridescent paint...
Textured paper...

Papyrus (the photo in the middle is of my mom in London)...
Even some regular color photocopies.

Then LK taught us how to alter them in various ways. Some I already knew how to do, like water transfers from crappy photo paper. But a new one on me was embedding photos in layers of sewing pattern and blank tissue paper.
The photos are on the next-to-last layer, stamped with a Michaels-type foam stamp, then covered with a blank sheet of tissue paper to pull them all together. So it's a very lightweight, dreamy kind of page; how thin it is depends on how many layers you use.

Another favorite: spraying patina onto brass or copper mesh. We used various items to create masks against the mesh pages.
LK also showed us a masking method that I used to draw my hand pointing. The lacy pattern is a second mask.LK had told us to think about various favorite expressions or sayings, a couple of which I decided to do on the mesh.
I wasn't expecting to finish the project, just learn the techniques, and I didn't. But it should turn into something pretty interesting, which I'll post when I've recovered from Artfest. This class was fairly stress-free, but the prep was kinda scary. I was just worried that I'd forget something, and I had no idea how to use some of the stuff. But it was a lot of fun.

Next post: Vendor Night madness.