What's that smell?

Hot dogs...
S'mores... Actually, I don't really like s'mores much because of the marshmallows. Yes, this means I am a bad American.

Sorry about the delay in posting. The rest of life had the nerve to get in the way.

Mostly, the bonfire is a chance to art while you're hangin' with everyone else, or just a chance to hang and watch other people art. There's Celeste, Kristi, Cheryl and Layla (waving), faced by Nicole.
I don't have an art journal, just a notebook where I write or try to sketch stick figure versions of ideas. Nothing like this:
But I made Julie drive Amy Lee and me down to the beach anyway to go to the bonfire.
That's the thing about Artfest: You're wiped, but you don't want to miss anything! If you were concentrating this hard on classes at home, you'd never make it to an extracurricular activity -- you'd just wolf something down and crawl into bed.
Random violinist, but she did add atmosphere. Lots of chips, beer, hot dogs, s'mores... and gossip. That's where I talked to the three or four other people who were unhappy about the class I talked about in the first post. It came up like this: "So what did you take today?" "How'd it go?" I finally got tired enough of rehashing it that I just rolled my eyes in response after a while.

And after the bonfire, I still ended up staying up even later! Oy. I got a good night's sleep, but man, it's like living three days in one!

Next post: Day two of classes, with LK Ludwig.