Daddy's Day recap

Wow, am I late with this recap. Well, we'll live.

That's how The Husband celebrated the reason why he gets Father's Day gifts: taking The Boy and me to The Boy's first movie theater movie. (The Husband got a couple of books -- that I will break in for him -- and a pedometer he'd actually considered on his own.)

We prepped The Boy for the experience, and he did really well. Went to the bathroom before and afterwards, had a few peanut M&M's, didn't get scared by the "fight" scenes (although he was a little worried that the bad guy was really going to hurt a few other characters), and no more than the usual loud-child's-voice-in-the-theater moments. But that's to be expected in a KID'S movie... anyone who was in there expecting peace and quiet was in the wrong damn showing.

Together with breakfast at our favorite local diner, it was a pretty swell day. Oh, and I remembered to get the cards to the fathers-in-law out in plenty of time. Bonus.