Oh. My. God.

On the back of the can: "Promotes and restores sexual desire, improves circulation and sexual function. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

Ya think?

Oh, I just fell off my ass laughing at the packaging. Just wait until I go back to the store and take a picture of the "Sweet Love Rolls." I am not kidding about that name.
The Husband and I decided to investigate the offerings of this market that re-opened up the street from us. We thought it was going to be strictly fresh produce, but it's like the marvelous mega-ethnic market -- with a gigantic selection. Mexican/Central American, Asian (and I do mean all over Asia) and eastern European products, stuff I've seen or read about before as well as things I'd never seen. It was like being back in LA!
Photo courtesy Wikipedia
There were at least five different options to buy durian fruit, for example. Durian is a southeast Asian fruit that smells so strong (read: knock-you-on-your-ass stink) that Thailand doesn't allow
it to be carried on public transportation. Don't ask me why this man apparently didn't get that memo.Photo courtesy Wikipedia
It cannot be imported to this country unless it's frozen first. On my first visit to my father-in-law and stepmother-in-law's house, he served a durian and mango sticky rice dessert to see if I'd eat it.
Photo courtesy Wikipedia
The texture is like a kidney from a cadaver. I think. I don't eat zombie flesh, as a rule.

At the local market, they had thawed durian, whole frozen durian, two brands of frozen slices, and durian "essence," which I can only assume is used as a cooking ingredient/weapon.

The Husband just needed some Thai curry paste for Sunday dinner, and I grabbed a couple other things as well. What I really wanted to do was spend more time taking pictures of the various packagings... the non-alcoholic malt drink apparently made in a Greek monastery... the snacks with anime-style cartoons (Julie would just plotz in there!)... the preserved stuff that probably hasn't been approved for consumption by pregnant women and the elderly... the list goes on.

I ain't tryin' out that Aphrodite stuff until after I see my doctor next week.