[glingle glingle]

What a pain in the ass it was to put these bells on!
Of course, this is because I know nothing about how to use jump rings and pliers.
Forty fatbook pages for a post-Artfest swap. Kristie organized it among the folks in dorm 202 (which must've seemed completely insane to her once she recovered from all the Artfest sleep deprivation). Since we were at art school, so to speak, I used a picture of a Port Townsend building...and painted my mother's baby picture using what I could remember from my first class. You remember, the class that gave me such a headache. But the fatbook theme was "Artfest," so why not try something you learned, nu?

The pages had to be 4" x 4". I decided to do something on a 4" x 6" canvas, so I'd for sure have part of the proportions right. Then I'd copy the main part and mount them on cardstock, with an embellishment.
I got the bell idea because of the school bell the baby is ringing... trying to use what I have, and I remembered I had these mini-bells from a bridal shower. Brilliant! And then came the struggle with the damn jump rings. Oy. But they're sent out, and Kristie was very patient waiting for my pages, bless her heart.

Should be interesting to see what everyone else has done. Julie is definitely in (looks like we had the same idea about the canvases, and the class technique) and I think Celeste is participating too. If she's been able to keep her eyes open, poor sleep-deprived new mother that she is.