I need better TV

Yeah, I can't believe it either, Carter: I'm watching "I Survived a Japanese Gameshow." It's all your fault that "Eureka" doesn't start its new season until Tuesday.

I'm about to run out of "Dr. Who" next week. Besides the storylines, I'm going to miss David Tennant's hair and smile. (No smile in this photo, but the hair looks good and look -- Martha Jones! She's my alter ego.)
All that hair makes me forget he's got a Nutcracker nose/chin combo. Sometimes I even wonder what it'd be like to kiss an alien with two hearts. (It's not cheating if he's a Time Lord.) But at least Captain Jack and the Torchwood team will appear in the finale. Ah, Captain Jack: very hot, very prone to flirting with you and your brother.

At least "Stargate Atlantis" has started up again. The evil producers got rid of Sam and replaced her with... WOOLSEY. The asskickin' brainiac gets the boot, and the paper-pusher takes her place. Come on! He wasn't even a doctor on Star Trek: Voyager -- he was a hologram of a doctor! He can't lead a team off-world!

"Pushing Daisies" survived the writer's strike, but it doesn't come back until October first. (Good thing we don't watch much network TV anymore. It's mostly BBC America, SciFi, HBO On Demand and a few exceptions such as "My Name is Earl" and "ER.")

This should tell you something about my status as pregnant mother of a small boy who's rationing babysitter services: The closest we come to club-hopping is Saturday nights with "The Graham Norton Show." We watch other people drink and have clever conversation.