A new game

Laurel brought up an excellent question that will become a pressing matter soon:

"... will the baby be known as The Other Boy? It doesn't seem very nice. Oh, what about the New Boy?"

She's right. I hadn't yet thought of a new nickname, so I'm gonna need help here. At the moment, El Bébé isn't really doing anything for me. For one thing, it'll have to be changed in a year or so. And I really don't feel like going to the character map to get the accents every time I mention him. (Ricë gets an exception to that rule.)

Oh, no actual names, please; we're going to keep that process closed even to the grandparents and siblings until his name is on the birth certificate. (Although I'm threatening The Husband that the kid will be named Aodh, a lovely Old Irish name that's pronounced "eh.")