Say my name

I've decided to go with The Husband's suggestion of "TwoBoo."

When I was pregnant with The Boy, I referred to him as "BoobooFishie", which popped into my head after seeing him swimming around during an ultrasound. (Pregnancy hormones occasionally addle my acid wit.) We shortened it to Booboo after he was born. So, TwoBoo. Although it's possible I should change that to "Stomp" because all this fetal kicking means he's auditioning for "America's Best Dance Crew."

It's been tough coming up with a real name too. Part of the problem is that names we might've considered are all taken by The Boy's day care friends. Not that they'd be in the same room, of course. But I grew up with a name so common that at one point, I was "Number 6" in a particular group. And I can't tell you how much I loved it when I was single, and guys would tell me "oh yeah -- I had an ex-girlfriend named Lisa." No kidding.

Of course, there will be times when we just call the baby "Dude."