It's a mad, mad, mad, mad...

I didn't used to understand how people could work on more than one art piece at a time, but it's clearer to me now. I have several ideas bubbling in my head, and I don't want Ideas 2 through 4 to disappear because I insisted on finishing Idea 1 before I started another.
Plus, life tends to intervene and slow down the arting. You know. Or maybe something in me wants to work under stressful conditions. Must be that "suffering for my art" crap.

Continuing work in the Fears book... I finished up this page tonight.
The gate I stamped on a transparency scrap and adhered with mini-hinges.
The lunatic asylum page is also attached with hinges. That's all one stamp, from the dearly departed Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers Stamps. (They went out of business and sold their stamp designs to Stamp Francisco.)

I used it on paper my in-laws brought me from a Kenyan safari. I'd tell you what the paper's made from, but somebody I know would never read my blog again if I told you here. (Email me if you gotta know.)
Yes, I do love lace paper. Sue me.
Misjudged the depth the hinges would need in order for me to be able to close the book. But hey, that's what box cutters are for -- to remove the pages beyond the one I just altered!