Snowy weekends are hard.

We did not bury any children in the snow this weekend. Had moments during the incessant snowfall when it seemed like a good idea, but we did not follow through.
I hadn't been outside in two days. So today's big adventure was not going to the market or even driving on our street, which is not big enough for the county to send a snowplow to clear. I picked up some very nice holiday cards after a cautious walk to the mailbox. Whoo-hoo!We have learned valuable lessons:
-- It is possible for snow to fall for more than three days per winter in this area.
-- When snowbound (so to speak), you are your child's sole source of entertainment. For 12 uninterrupted hours per day. Plan accordingly.
-- Baking cookies with a three year old is a great snow day activity. Dealing with a snowbound three year old who's coked up on chocolate -- not so much.The Boy's day care opens at 6:30am tomorrow morning. I bet The Husband clears a path into the car in record time.