Oh, it doesn't show signs of stoppin'...

Usually we get about three days of snow, a little heavier than the folks just 20 miles south of us. And during those three days everyone loses their minds behind the wheel because they just can't remember how they managed last winter. Or the last time it rained. Geez, slow down!

But we've had snow pretty much the entire week, and it snowed all day today. All schools closed in our county, so half of the kids were probably at the mall today. TwoBoo and I opted out of a mall walk like we did yesterday.

The Boy's day care was open, and it's only 12 minutes away, so he went (Oh yes, he did!). But he came home this afternoon before the sun went down. And aggravated The Husband no end by obeying requests -- for a second -- to stop acting up. Good thing it's bedtime for The Boy right about now. TwoBoo, of course, has many bedtimes.