Attack of the 50-foot baby

Bet you thought I'd never post again, didn't you?This one's a page about The Boy. (TwoBoo is still working on Item One on the above list.) Inspired by the moment I realized what hard work it is just to lift your head, if you've never done it before. I think I got that Chinese cartoon wrapping paper either from Paper Source or Paper Studio. I like using wrapping paper sometimes, because you get a lot more of it. It actually had little girls on it too, but I gessoed over them. They had the girls doing simply darling things, like cooking and cleaning. The yellow tissue paper toned down the cartoon paper at the same time that it highlighted the gesso sections.
I also painted over a clip art picture of water towers over city apartments. Slip slop slap -- a lot easier to do a building than a face. The last bit is a faint transfer of the baby picture that I wrote over, instead of making a little book or something to write the commentary.
I'm almost done with one for TwoBoo. Things are piling up around here, what with the inauguration and TwoBoo catching a stomach bug on his first day at day care. He's all right now -- I hope. Gotta run to an appointment.