It's not navel-gazing, it's art

I finished a couple more pages in the self-portraiture book I started in LK Ludwig's This is Me class from Artfest 2008.
I'd like to thank the people at the Overpriced Jeans Store for People Under 35 who sent me junk mail in a cool envelope. I had the "lucky few" graphic design sitting around for months and finally found a use for it.

Thanks also to the florist who wrapped up the flowers I got in the hospital -- that's where the see-through red paper came from. My in-laws always send flowers on Valentine's Day, so maybe I'll score some more free paper next month. Whoo-hoo!

The tarot paper cames from my stash. I think the strings were part of toy packaging.

You won't find me looking up my daily horoscope, but yeah, I've read far more astrology profiles than is healthy. The Husband occasionally voices an opinion about that -- "You actually believe that crap?" -- and I know it's ridiculous to think everyone born on a particular day exhibits the same personality traits. But it's the closest I get to understanding people like my brother, who apparently has six people living in his head and all fighting to control his mouth. (He's a Gemini.)
This page was one I finished about 90% of in class. I love transparencies, translucent and delicate papers -- I get a little buzz in the presence of lace paper -- and this technique was the coolest. You embed photos, other pieces of paper, whatever, within tissue paper and dress patterns. I attached it in the book with leftover 7 Gypsies gaffer tape. That reminded me of the sizing tape I saved from a pair of jeans long ago, so I added that for reinforcement. The picture was taken on the coastal shoreline of Washington state. (Sorry, but to me it doesn't quite qualify as a "beach" because you can't walk barefoot on that gravel they call sand. Zuma is a beach. Ocean Shores is not.)

More ideas -- just need to keep fitting the art into my schedule!