The Boy's immunization record had this dandy cover to protect it from spills and wear, and I got it at the hospital after he was born, I think.
But TwoBoo's didn't, and I assumed the state department of health was too broke to add that little perk. So I searched high and low for a substitute.
(Okay, does anyone know how to get Blogger to post pictures in the orientation you intended? Gah.) Here I was, thinking I'd cleverly found a clear slipcover (is that the word?) for TwoBoo's immunization record at the pharmacy. It used to cover a calendar/planner. Then, about a month later... what came in the mail?
That's right. The nice little cover, and a brand new immunization record to boot. From the agency in the health department that sends you handy tips and reminders about child development. Gah!!
So now I have two covers. Well, at least I spent less than $2 on the one I bought.

I've missed blogging to y'all, and I have done a little bit of art since we last communicated. So I'll try to post like maybe one in-progress picture and a pithy few words to go with it. I'm back at work, so my schedule's a bit more regularized and might allow for this strategy.