A whole assemblage movie!

From Focus Films via AceShowbiz.com
I admire Tim Burton's inventiveness, but I've never seen any of his animated films. Somehow the creations creep me out more than say, Johnny Depp made up all ghoulish to play Sweeney Todd. So I was going to pass on "Coraline." Yes, even though the original book was written by Neil Gaiman, whom I love for having written Good Omens with Terry Pratchett.

But I stumbled upon the tail end of a 15-minute "inside-look" on HBO, and this is what hooked me: One of the guys was making a dandelion-type flower out of a nubbly dog toy. HBO didn't have any stills that I could find, but lookee here:

From Focus Films via AceShowbiz.com
The first page of the official website actually says, "You are about to enter a world where everything has been made by hand."

Dude! Someone call Jane Wynn and Michael de Meng! Oh, wait. I'm sure they already have the opening of "Coraline" on their calendars.
Posted on February 2, 2009 and filed under "commercial art".