Baby construction

Apparently I make big babies with big red birthmarks.
Both The Boy and TwoBoo have "strawberry" birthmarks, which are blood vessel birthmarks that usually fade by the time the kid is between two and five years of age. (Fun fact: Up until six months of age, any skin mark that isn't a freckle is considered a birthmark.)

So I'm going to make strawberry pages for each of them. (The second picture shows just the largest elements.)

Notice the lovely red marbled paper that looks like, well, blood drops. (Sorry. This medical stuff fascinates me. ) I also made a gel transfer of an antique medical diagram. And since The Boy and I went strawberry-picking last summer, a transfer of that photo made it into the spread.

As I positioned the other elements, I thought maybe they needed more something, I don't know what. But I was surprised to see the photo looks better than my mind's eye conception of the page. So I'll have to wait and see... again.