This is only the second time I've doodled in The Boy's scrapbook pages, and the first time I've tried making the writing a bit more stylized. I tried to follow the curve of the sleeve wrinkles. The inspiration comes from two sources: my new doodlebug friend Aimee, and Michelle Ward's most recent Crusade. I know, this isn't an art journal, it's just a scrapbook page. But the whole point of Michelle's Crusades is to provide inspiration. The current one is about journaling (in your work). So... journaling dripping from each fingertip, a line for each of The Boy's strawberries. (Plus a little more, so I guess the last line stands in for his stork bite.)
Michelle also inspired me, before this, to get a white paint pen to write with. Had to outline it a bit with regular Tombow pens so that the journaling didn't get lost in the marbled pattern.

Each of the smaller photos was printed on textured paper, for a clearer image that would still be softer than photo paper. I also used the image below for the large transfer image.
I always thought of the strawberry in his hand as the one he carries around like a magic trick. "Nothin' up my sleeve... Presto!"
The ribbon bits connect the location of each strawberry to its placement on the body diagram.
There's the stork bite, under The Boy's hair, in the photo below. It was a bit more visible when I printed it out, but the gel medium I used to seal the paper darkened the color in that area. I was really pleased with how the marbled blobs showed through the gel transfer once I adhered it with matte medium. Made the leg look more... corporeal.
Again, I thought at first the page could've done with more layering. But I think more layers would've overwhelmed the composition, because the marbling and the image sizes are pretty commanding on their own. It needs that (marbled) white space.

I don't really have TwoBoo's strawberry page figured out yet. I think it'll have to wait until I get another self-portrait page idea on its own page.