Carry-on luggage

I got around to making myself a new wallet-sized album last week. The first one I made was more complicated than it needed to be...
... I'd cut up elastic cord for closures, and used stamps and inks all over the place. It was fun to make, but probably took more time than it should have.
This one is an altered 7 Gypsies naked album -- I think they'd just come out with it right after I made my other album. Went shopping in my stash and used some paper and rub-ons I'd bought on impulse. (There must be some way to control that, like eating before you go grocery shopping.) They verged on cute-overload, but the gaffer tape on the covers and the tissue paper scraps brought down the cute to an acceptable level.

I was going to add a little "Open" doorknob I bought with the album, but then I had a flash of practicality. It'd only get caught on whatever's rattling around in my purse. So that'll have to wait for another project.