Divorce drama

If you don't know by now, Jon and Kate of "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" appear to be getting that divorce that was so obviously bound to happen, even before he got caught gallivanting with another woman. I'm relieved, because now I won't have to wonder why Mr. Passive Aggressive is staying with Mrs. Contemptuous Control Freak.

On the same day, I got word from the Kentucky Department for Libraries & Archives that I can get my grandfather's complete divorce file. Which is awesome, from a genealogy standpoint.

If it's really complete, maybe it'll even have some info about his first marriage. Two ex-wives with one stone, so to speak. The file I'll be getting was from his divorce from the second wife, and family legend has it that he shot his wife's boyfriend in the butt when he found out about the affair. (Oh, please let that one be true!)

BTW, he also filed for divorce from his third wife, my grandmother -- when he was in his 80s. No, he didn't go through with it; as my father once put it, "Where's he gonna go?" But word of it got into the local paper, and the whole thing embarrassed the hell out of my mom. Well, this is the closest I'm gonna get to gossip from his contemporaries. He died at age 95, back in 1979.

EDIT 6/23/09: The file doesn't necessarily have info about the first marriage, but the researcher at KDLA said there's a deposition. Can't wait to read the evasions and trick questions!