"Don't quit your day job" -- Double X.com

Last week, I read a reality-check article about Etsy. Basically, the writer was saying: Girlfriend, you need to put down the pipe and step away from the crystal meth Etsy's peddling.

That drug would be the idea that you can live off your Etsy earnings and create a fabulous, meaningful, feminist life fueled by your art. The writer also notes there are hardly any guys selling on Etsy (hence my emphasis on "girlfriend") because it's not a place where most people make lots of money.

I have a few friends who are experienced sellers on Etsy, like Deryn, Catherine and Lisa. But they also sell in other venues, so I'm thinking Etsy might be a little more effective as a supplement or marketing tool. And I know Laurel is selling some gorgeous stuff on Etsy, but she's also teaching now, as do the others I mentioned.

Let me know what you think of the article -- and the comment section. A lot of readers got pretty heated after they read the story.