Tarot card #2

Tarot card #2 started out like this, but I had to scrap it. I realized I meant to put the focal image on a different card. I would've liked to remove the mesh also and keep the rest of the card, but it was only going to get ripped up beyond repair.

I kept the title, though, and repeated the biohazard symbol. I tried on "The Exile" and a couple others, but this one stuck. I've been fascinated by the biohazard symbol ever since I read The Snow Queen years ago.
I meant this card to be similar to the Death card in traditional decks, in that it doesn't really mean what it looks like at first glance. Pulling the Death card doesn't mean you're going to die at the end of your reading; it refers to change. I'm not going to get into what this means specifically for me. But I just wanted to head off any awkward inquiries.