Tarot card #1

I have one and a half tarot cards done. Behold the first one.
My astrological sign is the crab, and it seems to fit me rather well. I prefer to live somewhere near water. I'm very loyal, but more selective about placing my loyalty than I used to be. So when I let go, I'm done. (Just ask the bridesmaid I "fired.") I tend to hold onto stuff: old birthday cards, pictures, memories. Unfortunately, it's harder to let go of some memories than I'd like.
Finally, a use for a bread clip! (You know, the thingamajigs that hold plastic bread bags closed.) I've been collecting them, without really being sure what they'd be good for. I made the claw out of one that had a "best by" date stamp.

I finished a second tarot card, then decided it needed reworking. More on that when it's finished.