Tarot cards

I'm reading through (slowly, and out of sequence) LK Ludwig's True Vision: Authentic Art Journaling. The section on self-portraiture includes a bit on personal imagery, with a suggestion to make your own tarot cards. So I'm making tarot ATCs. I would've liked to go a little bigger, but I need to catch up with the ideas I have.
Starting with tarot card wrapping paper (I have got to get rid of this! It's been in my stash forever) that I've painted over with a grid of Paynes Gray.
You might recognize this paper from before. (I've also noticed they look like lotería cards in sheet form.) This time I think it'll mostly be covered with the cards. Either I'll glue them down, or put them in pockets with descriptions behind each pocket... not sure yet. But they will definitely have names, like the "Queen of Cups" in a regular tarot deck. I have nine of them ready to go.