Artfest 2010... Awwww, yeah

Why, yes, I am going to Artfest. Thanks for asking!I had to miss this year's festivities. Fookin' economy, man. And I have definitely used what I've learned in 2008, but as for putting away my Artfest goodies...
... um, yeah. Maybe I'll actually get my ATCs and trades put away by the time AF 2010 rolls around. Sure. (Oh crap! Trades! I have to start thinking of trades!)
It was somewhat difficult, then and now, to commit to going. Not out of a lack of desire -- but worrying about money and leaving The Husband by himself with the kid(s) for four days.

I do have some of my own funds to pay the expenses. Also, The Husband is totally capable of taking care of the small people; he does it all the time. But that's a lot of time with two children under five, with no break, and no corresponding free time for The Husband. It just didn't seem fair.

So I just said, "Sigh..." on my Facebook status update, browsed the AF classes, and figured I'd keep plugging away on my own.

Once again, I had totally forgotten how much The Husband gets me.

First thing he said when I got home last night was, "Go to Artfest." He points out that this is how I recharge and that it's good for me as well as our marriage. ('Cause as you know... if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.) And when he needs time away, say for a training seminar, he knows I'll be happy to return the favor.

The Husband also noted that of the four days I'd be away, two of them the kids would be in day care. So he would have breaks, just not on all four days. I argued, weakly, but he insisted.

So I have to go. As long as Teesha picks my registration out of the hat, I'm there. Stay tuned for Artfest-related mishegoss arising from the feverish enthusiasm that builds during the next seven months.