Rise up!

Urban Craft Uprising drew us into the heart of Seattle last weekend. The Husband was still groggy, so I packed up the kids and went. The Boy allowed himself to be lured with the promise of art-making.
This being a art/craft show, I figured there had to be something kid-friendly, and there it was. Homemade play dough. The maker provided a testing spot for small people. Kids' books available too. Matthew Porter brought his prints, t-shirts as well as his children's books. How do you not like a one-legged pirate monkey?
Oh, man. You should've seen the jewelry made by Marie Khediguian. My favorite "Markhed" jewelry pieces were made from microfiches of old New York Times ads.
Some of the crowd was a lot edgier than I...
But I definitely wasn't the only mom with stroller and small kids in tow.

The Boy wasn't all that impressed with the play dough -- he's beyond that artistically. So later we made a superhero cape out of string and a broken-down Goldfish crackers box. (The box was his idea. Love it.)
Later, we went outside so The Boy could practice his superhero leaps.