Tarot card #5

WARNING: If you're a devout Catholic, Hindu or Orthodox Christian, you may want to skip this post. I mean no offense by the following.

(Really, do I have devoutly religious readers? If so, thanks for sticking with me.)

I finished this tarot card this week.At first, the phrase (rather than the actual concept) "Kali the Destroyer" came to mind, which led to "Mommy the Destroyer." Some days it seems like the best solution to every annoyance the kids hand out is for me to criticize and snap.
Serendipity -- Kali was a pretty spot-on choice. According to Wikipedia:

In both of her forms, she is described as being black in color but is most often depicted as blue in popular Indian art. Her eyes are described as red with intoxication, and in absolute rage, her hair is shown disheveled, small fangs sometimes protrude out of her mouth, and her tongue is lolling. She is often shown naked or just wearing a skirt made of human arms and a garland of human heads.
Okay, I'm not high, fanged, or nearly naked, but still. Don't make me add your head to my necklace.

In spite of her seemingly terrible form, Kali Ma is often considered the kindest and most loving of all the Hindu goddesses, as she is regarded by her devotees as the Mother of the whole Universe. And, because of her terrible form she is also often seen as a great protector.

Like the mama bear. Which brings us back to...
... Our Lady of Czestochowa, one of the most famous European Black Madonna icons. The image was on a card holding a religious medal with the same image and title.

I painted over it with skin tones more similar to my own, simplified the clothing colors, then added the barking dog in the medal opening. I wish I'd used another color in the pumice gel surrounding the images, but I'm still experimenting with it. Meh. Still better than the wimpy little flowers around the original card.