Tarot card #6

Have you ever noticed that Hello Kitty has no mouth? I know, she commands a freakin' empire. But she still can't talk, can't bitch or moan, can't even smile.
Which is appropriate, in my mind, to represent the years I spent being Serious as a Heart Attack. Eyes wide open, mouth shut.
Sealed for your protection, as it were. (Those medicine bottle seals come in handy.) I also painted over the gel medium transfer of the girl's black & white image.
You don't hear much out of rabbits, either. Cute, but silent. I found these on a piece of nursery-themed paper, then blended the white background to that of the skates-printed background paper. The girl looked like she was floating, but not in a good way, so I grounded her (hah! Grounded her!) with the ruler bit.