Fresh Paint

This year makes the third I've gone to the Fresh Paint arts festival with The Boy.
Now TwoBoo joins us; not yet independently mobile, but definitely enjoying all the pretty colors as we walked along the marina. It's one of those something-for-everyone events: artists at work like my friends Mary and Kim, children's activities, and this year, art cars!Who knew you could get so much mileage out of old accessories? Yeah, I said it.
I think this one would've worked a bit better in a drier climate. I wanted to like it, but the wet-then-dried out feathers just kinda made it look like colorful roadkill.

The kids' favorite was the Toynota, by Ranger Kidwell-Ross. Some of the toys attached to the car still work, like the music makers. Plus... bubbles!I preferred Margot Lovinger's Butterfly Car. She hands out an FAQ card that explains the car's raison d'etre. My favorites: she can always find the car in a parking lot, and the paint is also an anti-theft measure. "Who's gonna steal a car this recognizable?"We got caught in in a downpour the previous years we went -- the weather is often iffy this late in the summer. Not this time, though -- plenty of sunshine and art.