Tarot card #9

They're done! Nine personal tarot cards in total. Actually, I'm fairly happy with the result, contrary to the expression on my face here. This card was inspired by dreams I've had from time to time throughout my life, ever since the first "Star Wars" movie came out. (The very first one, not the "first" prequel. Blech on Anakin Skywalker and everyone else in that dreck.)

In the original dream, Darth Vader has landed in the parking lot of our local supermarket -- yes, it's funny now! -- and he and the Storm Troopers are laying waste to everything in sight. People are running and screaming everywhere.

Lord Vader stalks closer to where I'm hiding behind a splintery wooden pillar. I'm just a breath away from being discovered. If he turns his head just a fraction of an inch, he'll see me.
Not exactly a pretty self-portrait, but it gets the point across. The coarse pumice gel covered up the original background, and I think I simulated a cave well enough. And the queasy green of my sweatshirt turned out the way I wanted.
And here are all nine, laid out on their background. Still not sure if I want to permanently affix them to the background, or attach them in some way that lets me pick them up. What do you think?
Posted on September 25, 2009 and filed under "personal art".