The new books are here! The new books are here!

I'd roll around on the books like Demi Moore rolled around in those hundred dollar bills, but the book corners are a little sharp.
I ordered some as review copies for a few local newspapers. This morning I emailed the press release to each... now comes the wait to see if they're interested.

Now that I have my contributor copy, I've read some of the book more closely.


This is some seriously cool stuff. I especially like the chapter on how to send stuff that's "too big, too strange or too wonderful to fit in an envelope." Like the tree bark postcard. Not a postcard made from processed tree bark -- actual tree bark. Ha!
This is all still quite new to me: submitting art for publication, the book, the press releases. I'd like to thank Tally again for suggesting it. I'm trying to live up to something she told me her father used to tell her: "Try it. The worst they can say is no."