The swan princes

The theme for next year's Artfest is "Fairy Tales"... any interpretation of familiar ones, fairy tales you dream up yourself, it's wide open. I'm almost finished with my take on The Six Swans.
When I was a kid, I read the original Grimm's Fairy Tales -- and a lot of them live up to the brothers' name -- and this was one that I remembered right away.

The short version: Six princes have been turned into swans, and only their sister can save them. To restore their human form permanently, she has to be totally silent for six years while she makes them special shirts.
She just misses finishing in time: there's a missing sleeve on the youngest prince's shirt. So all the princes become human again, but the youngest is left with one wing.
I brushed soft white acrylic paint on German paper wings. Would've been cool if I still had some of Artchix Studio's swan wings, but gahh! -- I used those up a while ago. I also found the little compass in an Artfest 2008 bag. (I know, I know.)
The image was originally of seven boys, but I had to cut off the seventh guy.
It was getting pretty crowded, and I hadn't even added the castle and shrubbery in the background. After I tweak the youngest prince's sleeve bit, it's time for varnish.

No, I didn't forget about the heroic sister! She'll be in a version I make for the Artfest ATC book.