What we've been up to

I've decided it's more important to let you know what The Boy and I have been up to, instead of hanging holiday ornaments, and getting presents wrapped and shipped. Takes the pressure off.
At the last minute, I closed my eyes and jumped into vending at my office's holiday craft fair. My friend Stacie Kentop was one of the organizers.Those are her mandalas over there, right across the aisle.As in previous years, I altered composition notebooks to sell. This time I made a much simpler design with gaffer tape and personalized tarot cards, and voila -- the Recession Tarot Card notebook. A repurposed Fixer card, and another I called The Unlocked Door. 'Cause you don't know if an opportunity is locked away behind closed doors until you try the doorknob, no?
With the previous designs, I kept getting craft fair visitors picking up the notebooks and admiring them by saying, "Oh, that's too nice to use." Nonononono -- the point is that you have something nice to use! (!@#$%^!!)

The Boy, TwoBoo and I also visited Stacie at the Lowell Art Works, a local gallery which held their annual "art-tastic holiday shopportunity." TwoBoo was a little muzzy from his nap, but he seemed to enjoy Stacie's mandalas.
And The Boy and I went to his art studio the Creation Station to get our art on for a few hours. It's one of those places, like SCRAP in Portland, in which you can use recycled odds and ends to make art. He had such a good time I'm considering having his next birthday party there. (Don't tell him, though. He can read now, but he's not doing a lot of websurfing. So if he hears about this, I'll know you guys were talking to him.)