The Light of Winter, day 2

Winter is relatively mild around here, usually with only three or four days of snow. It's mostly gray and damp. I'm not really looking forward to the sun setting a little after 3 in the afternoon, but it's coming. So it was nice to see LK Ludwig's Light of Winter photo prompt. This evening we're talking about the Miracle of Light.Aaaaaaaand speaking of miracles and light: we're midway through Hanukkah. The Boy celebrated it with the class bear BJ, and wrote this in the class journal:

December 15, 2009
BJ spent the fifth night of Hanukkah with [The Boy] and helped him with the blessing over the candles. [The Boy] and Daddy changed BJ's clothes and brushed his teeth, then BJ slept in [The Boy's] room, hanging out with the other bears.

Okay, technically this isn't my photo, it's The Husband's. But he took it tonight, and I couldn't let this prompt about the miracle of light slip by without a reference to Hanukkah.

For those of you not lucky enough to be married to a Jewish guy who makes sweet potato latkes (OMG, you just don't even know how good they are), Hanukkah is the festival of lights. You can read more about it here.

Jewish holidays start at sunset. Tonight the sun set at 4:18pm.
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