The Crab Claw, finale

Dang, but it's been busy around my castle. I haven't forgotten you, though. Here's the finale, after the recap:


Once there was a girl who was born with a crab claw where her right hand should have been. At first no one seemed to notice the claw itself, but they did notice what it clung to: words, hair, other people. As she grew, her clutch turned into an iron grip. Then one day, as the girl sat on a riverbank dangling her claw moodily in the water, the claw clamped on a stone and became stuck between two larger stones. The girl screamed and tried to wrench her claw free, but she was trapped. Finally the girl noticed she could free herself if she just opened her claw and wiggled it the right way. It...

As they say in the Grimm's Fairy Tales: My story's done, the tale is won. Or something like that. Tell me a story... what's the fairy tale you've been telling yourself recently?