Welcome to the Dollhouse!

Since I've been telling you a fairy tale recently, I think it's time to show you a few glimpses of fairy tales come to life.
Like an undersea grotto where a mermaid uses a bubble for a baby crib...
... or a treehouse with a nest for a bed (Girls are allowed, really. That sign's just for show.)...
... or maybe a fantastical kitchen where the sun literally bursts through the window.
All these and more are in the new book [cue the drumroll....]:

Mixed-Media Dollhouses! Now available for pre-order, don'tcha know.

This baby is the result of nearly four years of dreaming and super-secret hard work. Tally invited me to participate right at a time when I was feeling pretty down about my art. Talk about a pick-me-up... You know how you can feel an idea uncurling in your brain? It was like that in the beginning, as Tally and Julie set up a Yahoo! group for us to discuss how to make the dollhouses. We created seven themed houses in all, each made of altered cigar box "rooms." Each artist chose a room in each house, like the kitchen, attic, bedroom, etc. (On the book's cover, my treehouse "bedroom" is on the left, second from the ground.)

Besides Tally, Julie and me, you'll recognize some names of the other contributors: Kelly Snelling, Deryn Mentock, Gale Blair of Paper Whimsy, Mary Haldeman, Debrina Pratt, Theresa mARTin, Caryl Hoobler of Caryl's Realm, Paula Dion and Lupe Padilla. (Dang, that's like a whole day's worth of links to peruse.)

The book will hit Barnes & Noble shelves on March 1st. More to come in the weeks ahead -- and if you're coming to Artfest this year, Tally and I might even be able to show you the book in person!