The Crab Claw, part 1

Siddown, kids. It's fairy tale time.

Remember how we were talking about telling yourself a fairy tale in which you decide what the ending should be? I wrote one for the Artfest book of ATCs I'm working on. I decided to spread the love over seven ATCs, so if you stick around you'll be able to read the whole story. It starts like this:
"... seemed to what?! Finish the sentence!"

No. Not gonna. Not 'til tomorrow, anyhow.

Because the claw had to be baby-sized for this ATC, I sanded down a bread bag clip to the bare essentials, painted an undercoat of black, then painted two or three colors over that. Tricky, but not impossible.
The paintover method I learned from Lisa Bebi is both fun and challenging, especially when painting skin tones on a person of color. If this were a white baby, I could probably get away with either or both of these:But, um, the paint companies don't make "African American flesh"-- good God, what a horrible thought. Makes me think of Strange Fruit -- so I use these colors:
From one or two colors, to eight to ten, depending. Can't just add soft white to burnt umber to get the color I want. Otherwise the skin looks flat, like I used wall paint or something. Remember my first attempts?
And if you're trying to paint a chocolate-skinned person, for example, the person comes out looking like they're wearing blackface. Whoops.
So this little pumpkin's skin is the result of experimenting on another, larger photo I used on the next ATC. Bwahahaha... now you have to come back to find out more.