Once, there was...

"Fairy tales" are the theme for this year's Artfest, and I'm continually surprised at how flexible this idea is. It's dovetailing nicely into archetypes and ideas I'm trying to realize.
I'm making ATCs for the swap Bee Shay is putting together, after having a great time doing the swap for AF 2008. Some of the ATCs will be snippets of a fairy tale I wrote for the occasion. I got the idea from a speaker I heard this past summer, who made a marvelous suggestion about letting go of old ideas about yourself.

You know how fairy tales begin, "Once upon a time..." or "Once there was a boy/girl/donkey/bear/bird..."? Tell yourself a story about yourself, beginning with the phrase "Once there was a..."The speaker pointed out that a sentence beginning that way could imply "once this was true, but it isn't anymore." Which is pretty hopeful: Just because you've struggled with a particular failing does not mean you'll always have to drag it around.