Mixed-Media Dollhouse weekend -- March 19th-21st

Come on in!
Hang with Tally and me at our book signings during the weekend of March 19th-21st. I promise you'll get to eyeball some of the Mixed-Media Dollhouse rooms Up Close.
Might be one of these two... might be other rooms. Depends on which ones Tally ships up for the occasions.

We're going to do a fun demo and sign books at the Alderwood (Lynnwood area) branch of Barnes & Noble, at 2pm-4pm on March 21st. Look -- we're on the B&N website and everything!

The book signing is also a book fair: a portion of the proceeds from sales that day will benefit the Arts Council of Snohomish County. Which is a really cool organization, BTW: we go to their "Fresh Paint" art fair on the Everett Marina every summer. They also provide art classes and artist resources for the whole community.

Of course, I'd be thrilled to see you buying "Mixed-Media Dollhouses," but you can buy anything that day, at any time during the day, and it benefits the Arts Council. The Council is also raising money for the new Schack Art Center, which will be their new home for art classes -- as well as artists' lofts -- later this year. So you not only get something to take home [clears throat meaningfully] from this place right here...
...you're also chipping in to help support the arts for people of all ages and skill levels.

Now I realize you may already have plans for Sunday... lucky you, I've set up another book signing that weekend! 
Remember, on Friday, March 19th, we'll be at the Everett Artist's Supply 5pm-7pm.

And before I forget: Tally and co-author Julie Molina have set up a Facebook fan page for "Mixed-Media Dollhouses." So if your mind's a blank at 4:25pm on March 19th, don't worry -- check FB before you head out to your car. And in the interval between now and that weekend, I'll give you a few sneak peeks to further tempt you. Don't say I didn't warn you!
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