Your book purchase counts!

I'm really looking forward to seein' y'all at the book signings in (less than!) two weeks. And guess what arrived on my doorstep yesterday -- the dollhouse rooms you'll see when you come meet us!
Tally sent up rooms from the Wonderland house and the Treehouse. Here's a peek:

Also, when you come to the March 21st signing at Barnes & Noble Alderwood, print out this this voucher to use when you get to the register:
I'll really miss you if you can't make it to the book fair, but never fear! Buy the book online between March 20 and March 25th and enter the book fair ID #:

Bookfair ID# 10169696  

at the time of purchase. That way you can have your luscious new book, and still contribute to the Arts Council of Snohomish County. Mmmm... tastes like having your cake and eating it too.