Gallery show in NYC!

My artwork in an actual New York City gallery -- whoo-hoo!

But since I'm all the way out on the Left Coast, my favorite New Yorkers (my college friend Robert and my cousins Tim, Simone and Jackson) attended the show for me.  
The Artful Scriptorium exhibit of artist books wrapped up this weekend at climate gallery in conjunction with an exhibition of small works called NEVER THINK Small: Redux! displayed on the walls.

All sorts of artist books: star books, pop-ups...
... and my submission, "Someday." It's a meditation on my parents, inspired by the Sugar Ray song.
The space is just what I was hoping for: industrial-turned-artsy area (in Queens) within sight of a famous landmark -- you can see the Chrysler building from the window.
Simone (we should all look so cute during pregnancy)...
and Tim brought Jackson from Brooklyn, and they crossed paths with Robert...
who came in from Hoboken. Robert later confirmed it was a full house for the exhibitions. Pretty cool! You can see more of "Someday" on my Flickr page.
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