"Represented by..."

I can now say that I'm represented by a gallery. How 'bout that?!
The Art & Soul Gallery is displaying two of my latest pieces near the big front window.
The gallery owner, Susan, fell in love with Mixed-Media Dollhouses ...
 ... and emailed me through a friend that she was interested in selling my work.

[doing a double-take] Well, all right then!

I'd been harboring a desire to have my work in a gallery since I ventured to think of myself as an artist as well as a writer. I kinda crept up on the idea to make it happen during my 40th year on this planet. So when Susan emailed me, I jumped at the email -- and then jumped back from the keyboard. Maybe it's just some sort of spam or something. Maybe a virus will kill my computer once I open the email.

Gaaah! Open the email already!

The gallery represents mostly local mixed-media and jewelry artists, with a few artworks from nationally-known mixed-media artists: Misty Mawn...
... and Pam Carriker, who's coming out with her own book soon.
The gallery will soon have some copies of Mixed-Media Dollhouses available, and at some point will also offer some of my dollhouse rooms that appear in the book. Yes, the dollhouse rooms. I'll let you know as soon as that happens.

If you're near Bothell, Washington, the gallery is at 817 238th St SE Ste A, Bothell, WA.