Get a move on!

Is this the face you want waking you up at 5:30am?
Inspector Clouseau The Designated Expert rousts everyone out of bed at an ungodly hour for their next challenge.
But it was totally worth the effort to get up so early... to do product placement for Audi.
It isn't all that different from pimping out the artists to get new book cover art. But I'm getting a little irritated at this direction "Work of Art" is taking.

The official assignment: create a piece that reflects their experience of driving the streets of Manhattan (to go  to Audi's big ol' showroom). Cartoony Boy, whom the show is leaning on more and more to narrate, said it best: it's really hard to produce something interesting when the topic is so vague. And that vagueness is overwhelming some artists, especially Starvingartist and Tortured Artist.
You knew that was going to be his way of dealing, didn't you? But it produces ideas the judges like. Maybe Starvingartist could use a nap too.

Concerned? A little bit hokey? Ringring... "Kettle, this is The Pot. You're black."
This week's guest judge, contemporary portraitist Richard Phillips, is suitably horrified by both, as are the regulars.
At the gallery, we see The Newb getting more paranoid about the competition, while Goofball goes "balls to the wall" trying something new (layers of paint instead of a photograph). The result is what Phillips calls "painterbation" (think self-satisfaction instead of communicating with the viewer). Weird White Girl has fun playing on the sound of the word "Audi" and 'Toony Boy gives us a race car driver who may or may not have sold out. All but three artists are sent home to live another day, not having repulsed the judges enough to be eliminated.
But once again, the judges luuuuurve Tortured -- and this time, Designated Hotness. Who of course made art about turning "the male gaze" away from her poor vulnerable implants and back upon itself. Don't get me wrong: the male gaze is an important feminist concept. But that's a tad self-delusional coming from someone who works with paint and other semi-toxic chemicals, yet exposes her cleavage to said toxins even when she covers everything else.

The Christian, who called DH on her attention-seeking, gets sent home. Starving barely escapes by the skin of his "narcissistic" teeth. DH gets immunity and proof that Her Art is Really Meaningful.

Join the party, y'all! Tell me what you thought about the episode, in the comments.
Posted on July 8, 2010 and filed under "\"Work of Art\"".