*squealing brakes* Whoa!

My favorite kind of art experience -- outside of making my own -- is the one on your way to somewhere else. The kind that makes you stop/pull over, check to see if you have time to linger, and then get closer.
I caught artist Allyce Wood mid-installation...

... creating a piece called "The Ancestor of the Irish Elk."
She slowed down a bit to explain the work briefly. (Sorry about the video orientation; oldish brain still learning how newish camera works.) Click to play the video.
Allyce just graduated from Cornish College of the Arts, which loans artworks from its annual Bachelor of Fine Arts exhibition to the the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. You can see more of her work at Cornish and at the Catherine Person Gallery until early August.
This work can be seen all year round. Lucky for me, I was able to catch the artist's sister-in-law to ask for more information.

Yes, those murals are painted on the chimney...
and the broadside of Andrew Morrison's parents' house. He painted them more than ten years ago, for a high school senior project. But he still gets lots of people urging him to see this mural, not realizing he's the artist. He's gone on to create several other murals in Seattle and Washington state, many inspired by his Haida and Apache heritage.

How lucky am I, getting to see artwork on my way to work?