There's no "I" in "team"

Wow, this episode of "Work of Art" is practically a how-to guide on how to work on a creative team. And how not to.
See how excited the Red Team (Cartoony Boy, Swanky, Goofy and Starvingartist) were to create a piece of public art? Led by Swanky, the ideas flew back and forth with very little posing or grandstanding. Even from Starvingartist.
Starving pointed out there should be no moveable parts (nothing to break down or get stolen, right?) and that it should be durable and "sit-on-able." They settled quickly on a design that echoed the gravel shapes in the park site, with the largest piece a geometric "rock" people could lean or lay on.
Even Tortured Artist is enthusiastic about the challenge -- look! He's conscious! Unfortunately, this is about the last moment you'll see the Newb and Tortured work together comfortably. Or with enthusiasm. See, already the Newb's arms are crossed defensively.
At first, I thought the Blue Team, led by Tortured, would be able to get over themselves and work together. Designated Hotness made an oblique apology to the Newb for their drama in a previous challenge. She even tried to help him save face by passing him a note that suggests a more constructive way to argue his ideas.

But the Newb is hugely insecure that he doesn't have an art school degree like the other three, and he was sure they were shutting him out and discarding his ideas. He's terrified he'll go home for not having contributed to the artwork.
So he swings back and forth between being offended and considering DH's note. He settles on whining that the other kids won't play with him. By the time they're banished to the stewing room, the rest of the Blues are so sick of the Newb they leave him to sulk by himself.
Contrast the Blues to the Reds, who all are eager to praise each other's contributions. Someone's goin' home, and it ain't anyone on the Red Team. It ain't Tortured, either, even though two other contestants besides the Newb commented on his melodrama.
You know what was the final irony? The losing team chose to face their artwork towards the most open patch of skyline, which turned out to be the area that used to be filled by the Twin Towers.

So what was the most cringeworthy moment for you in this ep? Tell the world in the comments section.