Pre-Artfest adventure

The Boy and I took a trip to Seattle's Pioneer Square for a little adventure:
open house at Teesha and Tracy Moore's new Artfest Annex.

Teesha and Tracy want their new loft to be a meeting spot and class venue during the rest of the year... kind of a mini-Artfest high outside of Artfest weekend. (They'll have classes posted soon on their website.)
Teesha invited The Boy to contribute a doodle to her latest journal...
So while he hung out with Journalfest instructor (and my pal) Liesel...
I wandered around and soaked up the poster-ized journal pages.

Yes, the journals are even cooler in person.
And fresh Zettiology stamps waiting to be mailed... it's like hanging out in the magician's workshop.  
Hope we can go back there soon!