What's not to like?

I have no idea where my artwork will be placed yet for the opening reception of the upcoming gallery reception on October 2nd. But I stopped by the Lynnwood main library gallery to check out the possibilities.
To keep y'all updated on this and other events, I figured it was time to take the plunge... and create a Facebook fan page. Yes, I have joined the Borg, complete with plug-in/Like button at the top of the right-hand column.

Like some of my other artist friends, I was a leetle bit weirded out at the idea. Asking my friends to make "fans" out of themselves? Don't you have to have a world tour in the works and ridiculous demands specifying that there will only be blue M&Ms and Twizzlers backstage in the green room? I have friends, not groupies. As far as I know.

Fear not. I've decided the fan page is really my When and Where You Can See Me Being an Artist in Public page. And you guys are my Friends Who Might Like to Know When I'm Being Publicly Artistic.

So go over to the right-hand column of my blog and click the Like button. Or search for "Lisa Myers Bulmash: mixed media artist" on FB and click Like there. I promise, no plans for world domination.