A podcast shout-out to artist moms

I tell you, there aren't many things that are more fun than hanging out Ricë Freeman-Zachery and her husband Earl...
 ... except maybe doing a podcast with Ricë! Which I did last week, with Aimee Myers Dolich of Artsyville, as we talked about risking sanity and carving out time to make art while also being somebody's mother.

I first met Ricë three years ago at Art & Soul Portland, and sometime last year Ricë introduced me to Aimee on Facebook. As Ricë said in her post about the podcast, she's not exactly the motherly type (although she's said she'd be happy to meet my kids when they're a little older and less prone to stickiness). But Aimee and I are not exactly uber-Mommy types, either, so we have a lot to talk about. Go listen!