Need more time

Speaking of art and motherhood... I was all over both this weekend. Don't know if I'd need forty days and forty nights to explore the Skirball Center. But I sure could've used more than two hours.
We took The Boy, TwoBoo and and the niecey-nieces to see the "Noah's Ark" exhibit.
It's like an interactive children's museum exhibit, but better: all the animals are made of recycled bits and thingamabobs.
Check out the crocodile's eye ridge -- it's a glove! See if you can identify the other recycled bits, kids.
You can make the animals march in two by two...
... and climb the rigging... 
... to pull a rope that makes the elephant's trunk wave.
Who knew there'd be so much to see? I remember when the Skirball Center was nothing more than a flat patch of dirt. But it's not just a kids' fun center. Oh no.
Twelve of the original 1000 Journals are on display -- and you can contribute a page to the project!
Love that I don't have to explain it to the kids. They just want to jump in.
No time to do my own page. Gaaah! And guess what's opening tomorrow -- tomorrow, people...
A Maira Kalman exhibit! (Closed during installation, but I could see this above the barrier...)
Jeebus. Where have I been that I didn't know about this?! Oh yeah... a thousand miles away. I need more time and frequent-flier miles.