Artfest, Day 2.5-Vendor Night

Remember how crowded it got at Artfest Vendor Night back in 2008?
Yeah, same thing this year too. But this time I didn't have to twiddle my thumbs and wait until someone figured out she didn't really want to buy a necklace. (I'm lookin' at you, Norma.)
This year, I found another lovely necklace...
this one made by Kecia Deveney, one of the most talented -- and BUSY -- artists I know.
Way back in 2007 when we shared a hotel room for Art & Soul Portland, I used to watch through exhausted eyes while she blogged the day's events before going to bed. Driven! Kecia didn't bring a mirror for potential customers, so I came up with a solution: take a phone photo of the person wearing the jewelry, then show them the photo. Like this, modeled by the lovely Janine Shea:
(Come to think of it, the last art necklace I bought was from another roomie, Liesel Lund. See how being my friend profits you in so many ways?) It was all about supporting hard-working, talented friends that night. Andrea Matus (remember, she taught the class I'd just had) let me go home with this fascinating suspended piece.
I like how the metal element looks like a deconstructed mouth and tongue sticking out.
A little too tired to take many more photos, but I couldn't leave without a photo of Sarah from "Gilded Age Massage Experience."
Yes, that's an actual corset, and she wears it every day. Wonder how comfortable that is to wear while kneading someone's back into submission... Ow. Ow ow ow gasp ow.

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